HR Service

In this competitive world every successful company are maintaining their achievement, in the same time they are looking for the new opportunities for business growth. In doing so sometime you may busy with internal weakness and routine job and cannot focus on external challenges. It will delay your business expansion and growth.

Now we are ready to help you for strengthening your internal issues. You can rely on us and more forecast on your outside challenged opportunity.We are providing the following professional services for you.

  1. Recruiting
    • Talents Sourcing
    • Interview Process
    • Provide HR training and Account training for new hire suite with your requirement
  2. HR Consulting and Training
    • Set up HR Policy and Procedure
    • Compensation and Benefits Policy
    • Corporate Training based on TNA
    • SME Development Training
  3. HR Planning
    • Manpower Planning
    • Manpower Budgeting
    • Develop Job Description on each position
    • Salary Structure based on JD
  4. HR Operation
    • Leave Policy and Procedure
    • Payroll Management
    • Tax report and SSB report complied with Myanmar Law
    • Personal Income Tax 

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No.388-398, Room.B3, 6th Floor, Golden Team Mansion Building, Kyee Myindaing Kanner Road, Ahlone Township, Yangon, Myanmar.



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